30 Days of Photos – Day 1

Start where you are

Yesterday I thought I was going to have a quiet month, so I decided to dig into my email and find an e-course I’d saved for times like this: a 30-day photography treasure hunt. The task is to go out and find something interesting to photograph by the topic given for each day. This is one of my photos from yesterday, #fromwhereistand, with some text embedded afterwards for extra amusement.

Little did I know that by this morning I would have two new book cover projects waiting for me, so there’s a lot to share this coming month. I’ll be submerging myself in New Orleans in the golden era of jazz and present day eastern suburbs of Helsinki, both of which are visually rich and personally inspiring topics.

If you’re interested in the treasure hunt, you can find it on Andrea Scher’s Superhero Life web site. A great web site for anyone who would like to touch base with their creativity or just find some inspiration in general and have fun while doing it.

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