30 Days of Photos – Day 24

30 Days of Photos - Day 24This isn’t exactly what I had in mind for today… I meant to cut the word “Light” in paper and shoot it with a back light. But alas, the pen and the knife had something completely different in mind. There’s a Predator Center up north in Kuusamo and the owner used to take one of the bear cubs out on the lake with him until the bear was too big for the row boat. It’s such a great story that I wanted to try and incorporate it in the lettering somehow. It didn’t really work because a little tear made the man’s hat look more like cat’s ears. So here’s a cat and a bear in a boat watching the rising moon.

30 Days of Photos - Day 24

The rising candle moon.


A pumpkin in the L might have actually worked. This, nope.


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