30 Days of Photos – Day 3

Roosa nauha - Käsi sydämellä

I hope you remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And also tomorrow, October 9th, the pink ribbon day (Roosa nauha -päivä) in Finland.

I got this lovely piece of design from my grandmother today. This year’s pink ribbon is a pair of helping and caring hands designed by Helsinki based fashion designer Katri Niskanen. As she says about her contribution to the cause, there are never too many helping hands and even small deeds matter.

Here’s what you can do to extend a helping hand to this year’s campaign: Roosanauha.fi – Käsi sydämellä 2015. Buy a ribbon, make a donation, start your own collection for the cause. I vouch to match my grandmother’s contribution and buy two ribbons to give out to some dear people.

And don’t forget to wear something pink tomorrow! 🙂

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