30 Days of Photos – Day 30

30 Days of Photos - Day 30Since I started this month of photos by looking down at my feet, it’s only fitting to end it by looking up at the windy November sky that was simply stunning today.

I didn’t really have a goal for this project, the idea was mainly to give a small creative nudge to myself. Some days were better and things to photograph were easy to find. On other days it took a little more work or a lot more walking to get there. I could have definitely done a lot more work to take better images, but I think the point of this project was also to let go and have fun – not push for perfection.

I used my phone (Huawei Honor 6) for the entire project. Its camera works perfectly for something like this when there is enough light. Some photos were edited in Pixl-o-matic app, most were tweaked a little bit in PhotoShop.

The most important outcome of this whole thing was that I took this time for photography, which I love. I tend to forget how much I enjoy being behind the camera. Another very positive effect of the project was that it lowered the bar for taking photos. Or starting any creative endeavor for that matter.

However small or meaningless something may seem, it might still be worth a photo. Or a drawing. Or a poem. Or anything else that makes you take a little time for yourself and breathe a little easier at the end of the day, really.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos!


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