Jonna Nisu

I tend to believe that a great customer experience starts from a clear and recognizable image. But as much as every successful brand or product should be visually memorable and enticing, a well thought through design also speaks volumes for who you are, how you operate and the values you stand for.

That’s why I find it important to create a visual story that not only makes a lasting impact, but gives a realistic, cohesive and professional view of your company.

I have a long work history in marketing and communications. I started my career back in 1998 as a Web Developer at ICL, now Fujitsu, and worked a long time with the company brand as a Web Designer and Art Director at Fujitsu Finland.

After Fujitsu I’ve worked a few years as an Art Director at advertising agency Kids Factory and as an Editor in book publishing at Basam Books. As a freelance designer I’ve been working since 2013.

Over the years my projects have included web based systems, web sites, internet marketing, print materials, campaign concepts, animations, illustrations, guiding book projects through production and many others. This gives me the ability to understand the full picture from the technical aspects to creating a striking and marketable image. 

These days I work mostly with book design projects, which combine my personal passion for literature and the ability to develop my skills as a designer. But whatever your creative project might be, I’m always happy to help. Especially if you’re looking for great quality and someone who works well with feedback and has enough time solely for your project. 

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