A new book cover – From a draft to a finished design

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A new book cover – Creating the first drafts

Before beginning any work in PhotoShop or Illustrator, it’s good to have a general concept for the cover in place,...


Starting a new book cover

It’s snowing in Central Finland today and I somehow need to direct my thoughts and visual ideas towards the slums...

Small, Easy, Beautiful

Small, Easy, Beautiful

Lately I’ve been into everything small, easy and beautiful. Last night I browsed through my pile of unread books and picked...

A Quick Content Survey

A Quick Content Survey

Hi there! Now that my blog has been kick-started, I have two questions I would like to ask you guys. If you leave...

30 Days of Photos - Day 30

30 Days of Photos – Day 30

Since I started this month of photos by looking down at my feet, it’s only fitting to end it by looking up...

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